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How we built a LCD train announcement board on a RaspberryPi


Two Pythonistas, one city break, one challenge: re-create a train announcement board on a RaspberryPi-powered LCD

This talk will tell our story – two friends who were curious what trains were going past one of their houses every five minutes.

Rather than buy an over-priced Windows-powered monstrosity(!), we'll explain how we built an open-source train announcement board using an LCD display, powered by a RaspberryPi. We'll run through how we started with way too grand a plan, how we de-scoped the project and how we built it over the course of a weekend city break. Naturally, the talk will end with a demo!

Attendees should come to learn what it takes to scrape train data and present it on a RaspberryPi LCD but stay to hear about coding city breaks!


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