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Peer Learning in CS Education: A Students’ Perspective


Peer learning, why it’s effective in computer science education, and how to implement it in your own classroom

Unlike few 16-year-olds out there, we have been in the unique position of experiencing computer science education both as students and as educators. Having both learned Python from other students, and taught it in a workshop to others, it is clear to us that one of the best ways to enhance a computer science education is through peer learning. Students usually have a knack for explaining things to their peers in a way that is approachable and understandable. (Although the presence of a teacher as a moderator is crucial in peer learning, it is often easier for students to relate to someone their own age.) Even if there’s no direct explaining involved, working together with another student can lead to enlightening discussions. We’d like to share our experiences with peer learning with other educators to encourage them to implement similar practices in their own classrooms, hopefully paving the way to an even more effective computer science education.


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