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Tuesday Lightning Talks


Lightning Talks .. PyCon UK 2018

Assembly Room 2018-09-16 17:30-18:30

What are lightning talks?

A lightning talk is a short talk on any subject that the speaker thinks will be of interest to the conference.

We run a session at the end of each day where the talks are at most five minutes long. After five minutes, the microphone is cut and the speaker has to leave the stage whether they've finished or not!

The sessions are chaired to ensure that everything runs to time – normally by asking the audience to begin clapping using two fingers from each hand when the speaker has 20 seconds remaining.

Lightning talks are often entertaining and, for many, the highlight of the conference. If this is your first PyCon UK, it's a great way to start your conference speaking career!

Sounds good. How do I give a lightning talk?

At the help desk each morning, you'll find two coloured buckets and some index cards. If you would like to give a lightning talk that day:

Take an index card Write on it your name and the title of your talk Drop it in the relevant bucket:

Green - if you've never spoken at a conference before Yellow - everyone else

The buckets close at 13:30 and, shortly afterwards, we will select cards from each bucket, and post them on the flipchart at reception.

You may submit as many proposals as you like, but you may only give one lightning talk at the conference.

The buckets will be emptied each evening and start the day fresh and empty the following morning. If you want to re-submit a proposal, you will need to complete a new card and drop it in the bucket once again.

Good luck!


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