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Cross platform application development and distribution (#116)


Cross platform application development and distribution

Presented by Stani Michiels and Nadia Alramli

You think Python gives you native cross platform applications for free? Think twice. Are you interested in distributing your application to other platforms but not sure how?

We will give tips and examples on how to enhance the native feel of your application: notifications, registration of file types and more. The talk will also help you to avoid common pitfalls and provides solutions for designing cross platform user interfaces. (Although we use wxPython as an example, the principles are valid for other toolkits as well.) We'll show you where to start if you want to distribute your application to different platforms, briefly discussing tools like py2exe, py2app and Debian/Ubuntu packaging ecosystem. This talk is based on our experience from developing Phatch (Photo Batch Processor) and SPE (Python Editor).


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