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Relational Database Applications


Turbogears Database Applications (Relational Database Applications)

Presented by Chris Perkins

TurboGears2 provides a rich toolset to provide developers with a platform for developing web applications with existing databases. This “un-tutorial” has a simple goal. The participants may bring in their own databases, and we will explore how TurboGears can use this database to create a working web application. If the student does not want to use her own database, one will be provided. This tutorial will focus on the TurboGears Admin system, along with relational databases.

This tutorial is intended to be an un-tutorial. The idea is simple. Bring a public database, (or 4) and share with the class as we explore the new admin- level RESTful features that TurboGears2 employs.

At the end of the class, the goal is for everyone to have a working TG2 application, with a working admin, at least one customized form or table, based on a database they, or another student brought to class.


Laptop with Python 2.5 or 2.6 installed. Database system of your choice (Postgres, Sqlite, MySQL) Python drivers for your desired database system installed. (psychopg2, pg8000, pysqlite, mysql-python)


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