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Advanced Network Architectures With ZeroMQ


Advanced Network Architectures With ZeroMQ

Presented by Zed A. Shaw

In this talk I will demonstrate how to use ZeroMQ with Python (and others) to do really advanced or even weird network architectures. You'll see Python talk to other languages, handle HTTP, JSON, XML, WebSockets, encode videos, chat messaging, etc. All in a short talk with only code, no diagrams. You should know ZeroMQ already.


This talk will demonstrate a series of progressively difficult problems that you can solve with ZeroMQ:

  1. Basic messaging types (request/response, publish/subscribe).
  2. Mongrel2 and HTTP processing.
  3. Coroutine based web frameworks and why they suck (so quit making them).
  4. Distributed worker queues of various flavors.
  5. Asynchronous chat protocols with JSON and XML.
  6. Clusters of calculators considering and communicating.
  7. Talking to other languages and easily ditching Python if you need.
  8. Anything else I can think up and do in a single screen of Python.

This talk will assume you know ZeroMQ and Python, but if you don't know ZeroMQ you can probably still keep up.


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