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An (biased) survey of the python web


An (biased) survey of the python web

Presented by Mark Ramm

I may be BDFL of one framework, but that's also why I pay attention to the whole ecosystem. From the release of Plone 4, TurboGears 2, Django 1.2 and Pylons 1 ,it's been an interesting year. And things like html5lib, an updated WSGI spec, and a contender for the next generation WSGI have all made things interesting. Come explore the wild and dynamic jungle that I call "the python web toolkit."


This talk will not teach people to use python to make websites. It's to teach people who already use python, that there are lots of different tools out there, and to help us all get some perspective on the python web toolkit.

In 2005 Pycon had the great PyWebOff, and while this talk won't be about throwing Twisted into a cage match with Zope3, or setting Flask up in a fight to the death against, it will one again provide an attempt to survey the full landscape of the python web world, and to see how far we've come in the last 5 years.

We've definitely come a long way. Django has brought over many converts to Python, google released app engine with python as the first supported language, and there are quite a few sites in the top 100 using python to serve up dynamic content to hundreds of millions of users.

But it hasn't all been good either, there's more fragmentation than ever. We've also got more half finished libraries, and broken framework extensions, and abandoned projects littering up the landscape.


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