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CouchDB and Python in practice


CouchDB and Python in practice

Presented by Luke Gotszling

This talk introduces one 'NoSQL' solution, CouchDB, and how to get it to play well with Python. Topics covered:

  • Introduction to CouchDB
  • A python ORM for CouchDB
  • Parsing CouchDB documents within python
  • Writing view functions in python
  • Map/reduce on CouchDB from python
  • Lessons learned from managing and distributing a live deployment at scale under high load


This is a rough draft


  • CouchDB stores schema free documents

Why CouchDB?

  • Complicated mapping structures handled
  • Revision history
  • Maps nicely to Python objects
  • HTTP protocol

Python ORM

  • couchdb-python
  • Mapping structures
  • demo

View functions

  • write in Erlang, Javascript, Python?
  • demo


  • Distributed map/reduce
  • BigCouch
  • Read/write quorum


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