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Montreal-Python -- Lessons Learned from Bootstraping a Python Community


Montréal-Python is a user-group formed in 2007. It has since then grown into a thriving community with code sprint and regular meetings attracting over 50 attendees. This talk will present history of the group and will highlight the key factors behind its success with the hope to inspire others to replicate that accomplishment.


The talk will first walk the audience through the factors inherent to Montréal itself and how it affected other user groups before Montréal-Python. These groups inspired us to get a group of Python hackers started the presentation will show how we were able to leverage on the success of other user groups to bring our young community forward.

The various stages of our growth will be presented along with insights on how we managed to find speakers and venues at each point. The presentation will then go through an overview of our current activities, sharing in the process how effective they are in engaging the community. Our plans for the next few years will be presented then a summary will provide advice to anyone who would like to get started organizing a local Python user group.


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