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1. PSF Sprints - Supporting the community one sprint at at time


Formed in 2010, the PSF Sprints committee set out to support local communities getting together to make great software by funding their sprints with up to $300 USD. No matter the project, the PSF wants to help you contribute to the Python ecosystem. Come see what we're doing, how we're doing it, who we've supported, and see how you can take part as well.


The PSF Sprint committee offers up to $300 USD to groups that organize sprint efforts on open source projects in the Python world. From working on Python itself, to the vast array of projects in the community, we take great interest in keeping you interested. We're also interested in buying you dinner, providing a place to work at, and buying t-shirts or other goodies for sprint attendees.

  • Committee Goals
    • Fund existing sprint groups
    • Get new groups interested in sprinting
    • Generate interest in contribution to Python projects
    • Advertise sprint events, including those at conferences
    • Have fun, learn, and contribute with other community members
  • How We Operate
    • Receive applications, vote, advertise, reimburse after event
  • Past Sponsorships
    • packaging, Genshi, matplotlib
  • Upcoming Sponsorships
    • PyCon (will update closer to conference)
  • How To Receive Funding
    • How to apply, how to be reimbursed


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