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Fantastic Data and Where To Find Them: An introduction to APIs, RSS, and Scraping


Whether you’re building a custom web application, getting started in machine learning, or just want to try something new, everyone needs data. And while the web offers a seemingly boundless source for custom data sets, the collection of that data can present a whole host of obstacles. From ever-changing APIs to rate-limiting woes, from nightmarishly nested XML to convoluted DOM trees, working with APIs and web scraping are challenging but critically useful skills for application developers and data scientists alike. In this tutorial, we’ll introduce RESTful APIs, RSS feeds, and web scraping in order to see how different ingestion techniques impact application development. We’ll explore how and when to use Python libraries such as feedparser, requests, beautifulsoup, and urllib. And finally we will present common data collection problems and how to overcome them.

We’ll take a hands-on, directed exercise approach combined with short presentations to engage a range of different APIs (with and without authentication), explore examples of how and why you might web scrape, and learn the ethical and legal considerations for both. To prepare attendees to create their own data ingestion scripts, the tutorial will walk through a set of examples for robust and responsible data collection and ingestion. This tutorial will conclude with a case study of Baleen, an automated RSS ingestion service designed to construct a production-grade text corpus for NLP research and machine learning applications. Exercises will be presented both as Jupyter Notebooks and Python scripts.


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