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Lightning talks May 20th, 2017 Evening session session


Lightning Talks 2017-05-20 Evening

Start Speakers Subject
0:30 Meredydd Luff Compiling blocking Python to non-blocking JS - Wrote client side JS in Python before yield or await statements, using Skulpt transpiler.
5:45 Efron Licht Elements of Style - Write understandable code; write a story. Shorter functions.
11:45 Maria Mckinley Refactoring Lengthy Bits of Code - Towards understanding the steps to refactoring: a test, prose, outline, make functions and tests.
15:45 Erik Rose Getting Things Unguilty - Using "getting things done" as a one slide flowchart.
21:45 Meggie Mahnken Using _slots_ for More Opinionated Objects - __slots__ when you don't want to allow attributes; sometimes efficient.
26:00 Travis Crowd Computing - fun controlling crowds with Python
29:15 Allen Downey Physical Modeling in Python - Making an interactive book to improve the undergrad engineering student retention by putting in real world early.
33:00 Luceneo Time is Money - Communicating Professor Antonio Candido's alternative view to this aphorism.
35:45 Cynthia Lynn PyCon, a High Schooler's Perspective - A 15 year-old programmer. Didn't come for a job; felt accepted and welcome.
41:45 David Bieber Python Fire, comand line interfaces - A single line or decorators added to functions or classes to make CLIs; great workflow.
47:15   Pitches for different conferences - One minute each for Python conferences around the world.


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