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Behavior-Driven Python


Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) is gaining popularity as an improved way to collaborate over product features and tests. In Python, behave is one of the leading BDD test frameworks. Using behave, teams write Gherkin behavior scenarios (e.g., tests) in plain language, and then programmers write Python code to automate the steps. BDD testing is great because tests are self-documenting and steps abide by the DRY principle. An example test could be:

  • Given the DuckDuckGo home page is displayed
  • When the user searches the phrase "Python"
  • Then search results for "Python" are shown

This talk will teach how to use behave to develop well-designed test scenarios and a robust automation framework. It will focus on the layers of the behave framework: feature files, step definitions, support classes, and config files. A full example project will be hosted on GitHub for audience members to reference after the talk.

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