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Effortless Logging: A deep dive into the logging module


Logs are our best friend, especially on those late nights when we try to troubleshoot a problem in production that was written by a co-worker who is on vacation. Logs are the main way to know what is happening with an application at runtime, but we don’t realize how important they are until we actually need them. Unfortunately, they are usually an under-estimated part of the development process.

This talk aims to transmit the need for the logging module, briefly explains how to use it and how it is built, and dives into all the complexity that is hidden to us. This will help attendees not just understand all the magic that allows us to inspect our applications at runtime, but also to avoid mistakes and adapt the module to our needs for more esoteric scenarios.

The talk is structured to simplify the understanding of the logging module. Many people have read the documentation, but still struggle to fully understand what is happening under the hood. This talk aims to eliminate that barrier by presenting it in an easier-to-digest manner.


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