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Lightning Talks Saturday Evening 2018-05-12


Lightning Talks
Time Speaker Title
00:10 Caleb Collins-Parks AREPL - A real-time python evaluator
04:35 Michael Foord Abstractions
10:27 Turicas (Álvaro) Justen Roasting Coffee with Python
16:27 Petr Viktorin Blinky's Async Adventure
22:17   Type Hint
26:25 Scott Sanderson A Class is a Poor Man's...Loop
31:25 Nick Humrich RIP HTTP
36:08 Allen Downey Modeling and Simulation in Python
40:00 Petr Mitev Python in Arch
44:53 Steven C. Howell Bayesian Hacking
50:47 James Bennett Saxon Code Lives & Things can happen
56:42 Andrés García García Why should we care about Processing
1:01:40 Meredydd Luff Making the web more pythonic
1:07:10 Kenneth Reitz Running for the board


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