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Python Epiphanies

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This tutorial is for those who've been using Python for a while and would consider themselves at an intermediate level but are looking to get to the next level.

We'll explore core language features, look a bit under the hood, and to understand and learn how not to be too afraid of bytecode, monkey patching, decorators, and metaclasses.

In many ways Python is very similar to other programming languages. However, in a few subtle ways it is quite different, and many software developers new to Python, after their initial successes, hit a plateau and have difficulty getting past it. Others don't hit or perceive a plateau, but still find some of Python's features a little mysterious or confusing. This tutorial will help deconstruct some common incorrect assumptions about Python.

If in your use of Python you sometimes feel like an outsider, like you're missing the inside jokes, like you have most of the puzzle pieces but they don't quite fit together yet, or like there are parts of Python you just don't get, this may be a good tutorial for you.

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