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Building a Culture of Observability


Observability is often thought of as just a new word for monitoring. While it encompasses traditional devops areas such as monitoring, metrics, and infrastructure management, it’s much deeper and empowers developers at all levels of the stack. Observability is about achieving a deep understanding of your software. This not only helps you localize and debug production issues but removes uncertainty and speculation, empowering developers to know their tools and improving engineering excellence. Observability helps developers “understand the narrative” of what’s going on in their software.

This talk is about how we’ve driven adoption of a culture of observability within our engineering culture. We'll define and motivate for our focus on observability; discuss the tangible tools we’ve built and best practices we’ve adopted to ingrain observability into our engineering culture; and provide some specific, real-world results we’ve achieved as part of this effort. We'll will focus particularly on the tooling we’ve adopted around Django and Celery and some interesting experiences we had extending their internals.

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