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Life Is Better Painted Black, or: How to Stop Worrying and Embrace Auto-Formatting


What good is a code style if it's not internally consistent? What good is a linter when it slows you down? What if you could out-source your worries about code formatting, adopt a consistent style, and make your team faster all at the same time?

Come hear about Black: a new code style and a tool that allows you to format your Python code automatically. In the talk you'll learn not only how the style looks like but why it is the way it is. I will do my best to convince you not only that it's good but that it's good enough. You'll see how you can integrate it with your current workflow and how it speeds up your life while making your code prettier on average.

Lose your attachments, delegate the boring job of moving tokens around to satisfy the linter, and save time for more important matters. Guaranteed to increase the life expectancy of space bars and Enter keys on your new MacBook's keyboard.

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