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Plug-n-Stream Player Piano: Signal Processing With Python


Digital Signal Processing and Player Piano don't normally come together in the same sentance. Player Pianos that are 100+ years old are awesome artisan artifacts, but they don't play digital formats very well. This talk will show how we take a 100+ year old technology and marry it to the digital age via Python libraries and precision lasers!

In this discussion we will cover how we are creating our own "Plug-n-Stream Player Piano". We will take a look at the different digital signal processing Python libraries, their functionality, and requirements for converting audio streams to piano playable audio files. After a brief walk through of our prototyped hardware, we will dissect the digital signal processing, converting streaming music to data for the Player Piano. With a real Player Piano in the room we will demo streaming music from our devices onto the piano.

LIVE(ish) Piano Playing!

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