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Dashboards for All


Dashboards are useful tools for data professionals from all levels and within different industries. From analysts who want to showcase the insights they have uncovered to researchers wanting to explain the results of their experiments, or developers wanting to outline the most important metrics stakeholders should pay attention to in their applications, these dashboards can help tell a story or, with a bit of interactivity, let the audience pick the story they’d like to see. With this in mind, the goal of this tutorial is to help data professionals from diverse fields and at diverse levels tell stories through dashboards using data and Python.

The tutorial will emphasize both methodology and frameworks through a top-down approach. Several of the open source libraries included are bokeh, holoviews, and panel. In addition, the tutorial covers important concepts regarding data types, data structures, and data visualization and analysis. Lastly, participants will also learn concepts from the fields where the datasets came from and build a foundation on how to reverse engineer data visualizations they find in the wild.


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