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Lightning Talks 1

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Agenda of Lightning Talks - Hosted by Dustin Ingram and Lorena Mesa

André Roberge - Friendlier tracebacks

Bernat Gabor - tox 4 is happening!

Brett Cannon - Introducing the Python Launcher for Unix

Cheuk Ho - What happens when the developer decided that your name is too short

Deepa - A tale of mutability and recursion

Jason C. McDonald - Code Review For Great Good

Jürgen Gmach - How to Maintain Many, Many, Many, Many... Many Git Repositories?

Mfon Eti-mfon - Queer Struggles in Africa: Fighting Hate With Python

Phil Jones - What’s new in Flask

Clint Cameron - How to take ownership of security in your Python code

Daniel J. Dufour - Load Django Settings from Environmental Variables with One Magical Line of Code


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