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Localize your open source documentation: a Kubernetes case study


NOTE: video begins at ~3:45 This talk covers how Kubernetes docs were able to scale from zero to eleven localizations within six months in 2018. It covers what docs maintainers learned, mistakes to avoid, and how you can start localizing your own open source project.

Great documentation drives developer adoption...but documentation is only great if it's accessible. One piece of accessibility is localization: the ability for developers to access information in their native or primary language.

This talk covers the specifics of scalable localization that other projects can adopt, based on the Kubernetes documentation model: tooling, workflows, standards for minimum viable documentation, and community conduct.

This talk also covers some avoidable mistakes to save your maintainers time and stress, as well as the ongoing greater-than-additive benefits that localization can bring.

This talk concludes with specific recommendations for other projects to start their own localizations.


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