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How to use python and flask to capture downtime losses on a production line


This talk is base on how to use python and flask to replace paper capturing type of the downtimes on a production line.Downtime refers to the time where the machine is stopped for a particular period/time while it is suppose to run eg breakdown.This project used python, flask and a mysql database and it was a web application.It was done as a case study for Unilever Zimbabwe (pvt) ltd.The project was done on two washing powder production lines. It was all about capturing and storing time losses and the specific type of the time loss in real time. I did this as my first python project so it it presents how you can come up with an idea from a different field and solve it using python.

Target audience will be mainly industrial engineers and beginners.It also showcase the use of software in production factories.This can also help students and learners on how creative they can become while doing a project either as an individual task or as an educational requirement.This talk will showcase how you can implement python in an enviroment where it is not known or used.


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