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OpenStack and Software Engineering - Questions, Tricks and everything else about OpenStack.


1 Introduction

1.1 Presenters
  • Thomas Lee
  • Stephan Ludik
1.2 Our OpenStack experience

Our OpenStack Journey

Our Open Source Contributions

2 OpenStack Introduction

2.1 What OpenStack Is

We will talk about the OpenStack program as a whole and what it consists of. We will alsodiscuss some of the main projects in OpenStack and how they fit together to deliver IaaS and other services.

2.2 OpenStack project factoids

We discuss a few key aspects of the OpenStack project and community around it.

2.3 Case Study

Building OpenStack for Test, Dev and Production use.

2.4 OpenStack vs. Competitors

Cost structure

Functional benefits

3 Demo of OpenStack in action

A little demonstration of what is possible with OpenStack.

  • Start up a Django based application via an heat template, showing the progress.
  • Show the environment is functioning on the cloud.
  • Destroy the complete environment.

4 Q&A


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