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Why can't Python be as easy to deploy as PHP?


10 years, 5 deployments and a lesson: why can't Python be as easy to deploy as PHP?

They are experiences that have been replayed hundreds of thousands of times by other novice programmers, and there are some valuable lessons to be learned for us in the Python community: 'our' language may be more elegant, secure and powerful, but there's a reason why, all the same, there are more PHP programmers and more PHP on the web.

It's a mistake to make PHP the butt of jokes, or worse still, to think scornfully of the legions of not-very-expert PHP programmers who have found themselves empowered by things like WordPress. They don’t deserve it, for a start, but it's harmful for us too, because it hides from us the things that have rightfully brought success to PHP and its users.

I'll highlight some of the ways in which the Python community has taken note of these lessons, and recent developments that might help Python catch up with PHP's legendary successes.


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