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`from __past__ import print_statement`: a Dadaist Rejection of Python 2 vs 3


PyData Amsterdam 2016


If the title doesn't make any sense, then there's no hope that the description will be any better. This talk will be a strange dive into interpreter hacks, the pointlessness of the Python 2 vs 3 debate, and the twisted artistic drive that pushes the speaker to come up with these perversions of the Python language. Prepared to be simultaneously repulsed, intrigued, and completely bored.


Honestly, does anyone read abstracts? Clearly you do! Maybe the talk is happening right now. You probably have no idea what the speaker is saying. You're looking at your phone: "what was this talk about again?"

Would you be surprised to find out that even the speaker doesn't know what this talk is about? I hope so—I hope you would be surprised; how could the speaker not know what he's talking about? He's wearing a SUIT after all!

(This talk constitutes he opinions of the presenter alone and do not reflect the opinions of "PyData" or "NumFOCUS.")


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