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More psychologists need to learn python



This will be a talk about my experience of supplementing psychology knowledge with programming. It will feature the case study of agent-based modeling in psychology. As an extrapolation from this, it will talk about the benefits of seeing the world through the perspective of theoretical and practical CS, while retaining the qualitative perspective I gained in Psychology.


While writing the thesis for my psychology studies, I came to view programming as unique perspective onto the world. In the abstract, psychology, too, studies processes and interactions between processes and it seemed intuitive to me, that programming could be key in making the abstract behind descriptive wording tangible through the real-world implementation of functional models. Therefore, I got into programming, learned Python, and completed a from scratch agent-based model on simple models of cognition in Python and IPython Notebook as an experimental basis for the aforementioned thesis.

Since then, I have been hooked on computing and am currently building a strong theoretical foundation in CS. Therefore, in this talk I will share the case study of using an agent-based model in Psychology and reflect upon cross-insemination between these two disciplines.


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