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ABBY: A Django app to document your A/B tests


ABBY is a Django app that helps you manage your A/B tests. The main objective is to document all tests happening in your company, in order to better understand which measures work and which don't. Thereby leading to a better understanding of your product and your customer. ABBY offers a front-end that makes it easy to edit, delete or create tests and to add evaluation results. Further, it provides a RESTful API to integrate directly with our platform to easily handle A/B tests without touching the front-end. Another notable feature is the possibility to upload a CSV file and have the A/B test auto-evaluated, although this feature is considered highly experimental. At Jimdo, a do-it-yourself website builder, we have a team of about 180 people from different countries and with professional backgrounds just as diverse. Therefore it is crucial to have tools that allow having a common perspective on the tests. This facilitates having data informed discussions and to deduce effective solutions. In our opinion tools like ABBY are cornerstones to achieve the ultimate goal of being a data-driven company. It enables all our co-workers to review past and plan future tests to further improve our product and to raise the happiness of our customers. The proposed talk will give a detailed overview of ABBY, which eventually will be open-sourced, and its capabilities. I will further discuss the motivation behind the app and the influence it has on the way our company is becoming increasingly data driven.


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