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Interactive Data Visualization Tools in R


An introduction to the R packages that generate interactive table and graphics. The focus will be on R Shiny, but I will also summarize value of other options, such as leaflet, plotly, ggvis, and rCharts.

With interactive and reactive data visualizations, your audience directly engages with your data for stronger communication and better understanding. The Shiny apps can easily be launched directly to the web via or Shiny Server to be run by anyone (they don't need to download your data or have R). This course assumes participants can already perform data analysis and visualization in R, but want to expand their skills with R Shiny. Therefore, the class exercises focus on transcribing code from a static to an interactive presentation of data products and information. Students must bring their own laptop with a current version of R and R Studio. Outline: - Overview of available interactive tools in R - Exercise to build a simple Shiny app - Shiny setup and orientation - Introduction to Shiny code structure - Overview of basic widgets - Example of conditional reactivity


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