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Keynote: Data Science Community and You


Big Data is a prominent, rapidly emerging discipline with far-reaching scientific and economic potential, yet there remains a gap in the translation of Big Data research findings into economic growth and end-user impact. To exploit the full potential of Big Data, the Big Data Innovation Hubs endeavor to foster innovation through collaboration, diversity, education, and workforce development.


In recognition of the substantial and growing impact of big data to the U.S., across sectors, in 2012 the White House launched a multi- agency research initiative to foster and coordinate big data innovation across the US. Under this initiative, the National Foundation launched four Big Data Regional Innovation Hubs, new organizations intended to develop the Big Data innovation ecosystem and facilitate thematic communities’ use of data sciences for societal benefit. Specifically, the Big Data Regional Innovation Hubs accelerate partnerships among people in business, academia, and government who apply data science and analytics to help solve regional and national challenges. The Big Data Hubs cover all 50 states and currently include several hundred universities, corporations, federal agencies, and non-governmental organizations. Dr. Shanley will introduce the Big Data Hubs and report on some of the significant activities of the South Big Data Innovation Hub. Finally, she will discuss opportunities to engage with the Big Data Hubs and our growing networks of Public/Private partnerships.


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