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Sharing Your Side Projects Online (and Making Your Github the Best Résumé It Can Be)


Python's design makes it easy to create small programs to handle all kinds of tasks. Tools like Github make it easy (and free!) to share code with the world. However, code that solves a problem on your local machine may not directly translate to solving the same problem for someone else. This talk will provide basic practices and guidelines for making your code usable and accessible to others.

Python makes it easy to create small programs to handle all kinds of tasks, and tools like Github make it easy and free to share code with the world. However, simply adding a *.py to a Github repository (or worse: a zip file on your personal website) doesn't mean other Python programmers will be able to run and use your code.

For years, I've written one-off scripts and small programs to automate personal tasks and satisfy my curiosity. Until recently, I was never comfortable sharing this code online. In this talk, I will share good practices I've learned and developed for sharing my small projects online.

The talk will include tips on writing reusable scripts, the basics of Git and Github, the importance of READMEs and software licenses, and creation of reproducible Python environments with Conda.

Besides making your code more usable and accessible to others, the tips in this talk will help you make your Github profile a valuable component of your online résumé and open the door for others to improve your programs through Github pull requests.


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