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The modern research skill set: Using Vagrant, Ansible, and Python to support researchers


The NCSU Libraries are supporting the next generation of researchers through basic training in core elements of the modern research skill set like Python and scientific computing. We’ll show how we are simplifying the learning experience for novice data scientists using Vagrant and Ansible to provision reproducible computing environments for use in our Summer of Open Science workshop series.

Modern research practice asks researchers to engage with information in new ways through the use of digital technologies. The landscape of this skillset is rapidly changing and difficult to pinpoint at an interdisciplinary level. The modern researcher is expected to navigate digital tools that are not unique to the work that they do on a daily basis within their discipline and to be able to share that work in meaningful ways with collaborators.

Open science has become increasingly relevant to modern scientific practice and reflects the development of the modern research skill set. There is a rising tide of policy that requires researchers to navigate open methodology in order to gain access to grant funding. Despite a shift towards support of open science in major policy making bodies, such as the OECD, the training that early career researchers receive has not caught up with this fast changing policy landscape.


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