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Becoming a Data Scientist Advice From My Podcast Guests


PyData DC 2016

Overwhelmed by the vast resources (of varying quality) available online for learning data science? In this talk, I compile resources from data scientists on twitter, advice from guests of my podcast, and some of my own experience to help get you started on the path to Becoming a Data Scientist.

The options for learning data science online are vast and overwhelming, but it is possible to find great resources that work well for you and learn data science without going back to school if you know how to approach it.

On my "Becoming a Data Scientist" podcast, I have interviewed 17 data scientists (or those on the way to becoming data scientists) about their career paths and how they learned data science. I also interact with hundreds of data scientists regularly on Twitter. In this talk, I compile the frequent advice and the best resources, and give my answers to some common questions about how to become a data scientist.


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