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Simplifying OAuth2.0 Authentication


OAuth2.0, has been a favorite option to authenticate a system-to-system interaction over classic System ID/password combination via authentication servers. As popular as using an ID/password combination might be, the old authentication process poses a number of limitations: stateful cookie-caching of the authentication, incompatibility with mobile clients, highly coupled app/auth server architecture and incongruence with third-party identity providers. OAuth2.0 addresses these issues but, still have a misname for being complex and cumbersome to implement.

This presentation will demonstrate a simple mean of implementing a system-to-system OAuth2.0 authentication via Python and its native libraries. You will be able to see a call that attains token from the Identity Provider, Okta, and authenticates itself to a Flask app - all made possible with minimal, straightforward coding. In addition to the live coding demo, the presenters will walk through how this can be used in an open-sourced Big Data Ecosystem.


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