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SQL Server 2017 Support for Machine Learning in Python


SQL Server is Microsoft’s flagship relational database product. A database is the best platform for storing data – even big data – and Structured Query Language (SQL) is unparalleled in terms of supporting data access and manipulation. Python is one of the de facto languages of choice for machine learning today, having many libraries facilitating all aspects, from data frames (Pandas) to neural nets (Keras or Tensorflow). Machine learning is crucial for deduction and prediction from vast datasets and underpins everything from web search to self-driving cars. So far, relational databases and machine learning have been at arm’s length, even though both are intimately tied to data. This division is no more. SQL Server 2017 is the first version to support Python natively, so database scripts can contain Python and SQL side-by-side. This talk gives examples and methods of how this exciting merging of technology can apply to real-world data.


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