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A "Supremely" Light introduction to Quantum Computing


Quantum Computing is here and now, and its uses for solving real-world problems is getting nearer. This talk will give you the tools to understand the main concepts of Quantum Information, and even perform your first steps by running your own programs on real hardware using Qiskit and Rigetti Forest.

Quantum Computing is one of the most disruptive and fast-paced disciplines of the present time.

For Data Science practitioners, understanding the main elements of the new paradigm (Superposition, measurement, entanglement, Qubits, etc) can be a daunting task. In this talk, we will walk through all these concepts and will use Python to understand and probe them.

The talk will focus on direct and math-light examples, with accompanying python code examples illustrating the differences between simulating the quantum world ideally, an then observing introduced error of running code in the noisy environment of real IBM and Rigetti's devices.

The outline of the talk is as follows:

  • The need for a new kind of computing
  • Quantum phenomena and how it can be used for computing.
  • Quantum circuits and algorithms: Manipulating quantum data.
  • Simulating and real hardware running of Python-based examples (Qiskit, Rigetti Forest SDK, Pennylane)
  • Conclusion


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