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Making data relevant to business. Its harder than you think!


Want to use your data skills to empower an organization and influence your companies strategy? Unfortunately its not as easy as just starting a jupyter notebook and importing Tensorflow. Making your analysis change hearts and minds take more than math and code, and is more challenging than just the algorithm. In this talk I'll share tips of how to make your data work resonate across your org.

Making data relevant to your company isn't just math and code. Business skills are required as well. Many data folks, including myself in the past, underestimate these "soft skills" and end up feeling frustrated when your analyses don't have the recognition or impact that you expect.

In this talk I'll focus on the soft skills of data, and connect these skills to "hard data". These include topics such as , story telling, coalition building, empathizing with stakeholders, making subjective calls, and negotiation.

In particular I'll talk about my own failures and my most helpful resources outside of the data "sphere" which have helped me pick up and practice each of these topics. Ultimately by pairing these human skills with your data skills you'll better be able to make your voice heard and influence that change that you're looking for.


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