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Web Scraping w BeautifulSoup & Yelp's API


In this tutorial, we will explore web scraping basics using requests, BeautifulSoup, and the Yelp API. The tutorial will be split up into two use cases, the first scraping a business directory and the second Yelp business listngs. This hands-on tutorial will be played out using a Jupyter Notebook.

Participants will need to create a Yelp Developer Account.

In this web scraping tutorial we will cover the following:

  1. Why data enrichment and web scraping can be helpful - operational insights, resource allocation, business intelligence
  2. Core puzzle pieces that work together to scrape - requests, BeautifulSoup, pandas, for loops, f-strings
  3. Yellow Pages Web Scrape with BeautifulSoup: Scrape a top category of the Yellow Pages, turn into df and export as csv
  4. Yelp Scrape using Yelp Fusion API: Scrape Yelp listings around specific locations
  5. Summarize & Debrief


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