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Lightning Talks - Saturday session.


PyData Madrid 2016

Most of the talks and workshop tutorials can be found here:

PyData is a gathering of users and developers of data analysis tools in Python. The goals are to provide Python enthusiasts a place to share ideas and learn from each other about how best to apply our language and tools to ever-evolving challenges in the vast realm of data management, processing, analytics, and visualization.

We aim to be an accessible, community-driven conference, with tutorials for novices, advanced topical workshops for practitioners, and opportunities for package developers and users to meet in person.

02:20 Gabriel de Maeztu Jupyter themes
05:50 Juan Luis Cano Rodríguez A marte con python usando poliastro
11:23 Israel Saeta Pérez Sklearn-Pandas
16:39   PyBikes
21:28 Siro Moreno Introduction to genetic algorithms. AeroPython.
27:35 Javier Martin Simple example about how to generate input data for a map-based dashboard
34:08   Bokeh lightning talk  
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