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Enabling Real Time Analysis & Decision Making


New instrument technologies are enabling a new generation of in-situ and in-operando experiments, with extremely fine spatial and temporal resolution, that allows researchers to observe as physics, chemistry and biology are happening. These new methodologies go hand in hand with an exponential growth in data volumes and rates - petabyte scale data collections and terabyte/sec. At the same time scientists are pushing for a paradigm shift. As they can now observe processes in intricate details, they want to analyze, interpret and control those processes. Given the multitude of voluminous, heterogenous data streams involved in every single experiment, novel real time, data driven analysis and decision support approaches are needed to realize their vision. This talk will discuss state of the art streaming analysis for experimental facilities, its challenges and early successes. It will present where commercial technologies can be leveraged and how many of the novel approaches differ from commonly available solutions.


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