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The past, present, and future of Jupyter and IPython


PyData Seattle 2015 Learn about IPython, Jupyter, and the larger Jupyter universe. A brief history of the project will be covered, including the evolution of Jupyter from IPython. Some of the lesser known Jupyter projects will be described and demoed. Lastly, the future of the project will be discussed, including grant deliverables.

People often confuse Jupyter and IPython, or are unaware that Jupyter exists and is related to IPython. The true relationship of the two will be described, and a brief history about why both exist will be given.

The talk will describe the current state of Jupyter, including the notebook and some of the other projects, like JupyterHub, nbgrader, nbconvert, nbviewer, etc. Things that can be demoed live, like JupyterHub, will be demoed live.

The Jupyter project recently received funding, some of the deliverables on that grant will be described in addition to other changes that the team has been working on.


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