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We came, we saw, we hacked How to win a Big Data hackathon


Hackathon prize money keeps rising each year as organizations learn to take advantage of their value. Runner-up cash prizes are now in the thousands. Hackathons are about bringing ideas to life in a very short time frame and pitches are typically short, 2-3 minutes. In this talk, we will walk through two hackathon examples using structured and unstructured data sets.


Nowadays the main purpose of the hackathons is about using data science, programming and statistical analysis to solve Big Data challenges in order to deliver valuable business insights for leaders to take decision of important matters. At the essence of it, a good hack must be technically impressive and includes the theme as part of the project criteria. In this talk, we will discuss three aspects of a Big Data hackathon project.

  1. Framework of your project: How to select your data set? What are the tools and technologies that you need to know for your project? How to come up with a hack that provides a solution to the theme/business question?
  2. How to build your Data Science/Analysis model your self by providing two examples of structured and unstructured data set cases.
  3. Finally, don’t let 3 minutes of stage time undo all the hard work & sleepness nights! We will give you a guidance of what is really important for your speech.


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