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PyGotham 2011: Machine Learning for Web Developers


Machine learning deals with a class of algorithms which improve and evolve as they process more data. It has wide-ranging applications in recommendations, search, spam/fraud detection, facial recognition and other areas. The algorithms themselves will be covered but the real focus of this class is on how to use said algorithms in the web applications we work on every day. I&aposll try to keep the math and notation relatively light. Most of the algorithms you&aposll need to get started with machine learning are implemented for you in the various libraries. They comprise the "science" of machine learning and I hope you will decide to learn it, but mastering that material is a significant commitment of your time and mental energy (and has some additional prerequisites including a strong understanding of linear algebra). This class will focus on the "art" of machine learning, how to think about machine learning algorithms and integrate them into your web application.


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