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Python Grab Bag: A Set of Short Plays


A frenetic combination of educational and entertaining segments, as chosen by the audience! In between segments, audience members will shout out numbers from a menu, and we’ll perform the selected segment: it may be a short monologue, it may be a play, it may be a physical demo, or it may be a tiny traditional conference talk.

Audience members should walk away with some additional understanding of the history of Python, knowledge of some tools and libraries available in the Python ecosystem, and some Python-related amusement.

This talk is inspired by [the Neo-Futurists’ Infinite Wrench](, a creative and energetic piece of theater.

The audience can select from these plays:

  1. The Unvarnished Truth
  2. <tt>from import import import</tt>
  3. WHAT'S the DEAL with CLIENTS?
  4. A Play Entirely Full of Monty Python References
  5. A Proposal for Explaining PEPs
  6. GNU Mailman: A Pythonic Playlist
  7. Soup, Scrape, Sweep
  8. Generators: Taste the Freshness
  9. This Is How We Do It
  10. Cookie For Your Thoughts
  11. If Shakespeare Wrote Incident Reports
  12. Code Review: Fast Forward and Back
  13. When The Old Was New
  14. Things We Don't Say At The Daily Standup Meeting
  15. The Relief of Reuse (The Colorful <tt>argparse</tt> Play)
  16. Be A Better Bureaucrat (The Intellectual <tt>argparse</tt> Play)
  17. Speaking Python
  18. The End (Of 2.7) Is Near (feat. Jason as Guido van Rossum)
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