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Write a Git Client from Scratch


git is a powerful tool with a confusing interface. Many struggle with commands beyond git add, git commit, git pull, and git push, because the underlying model for git is poorly communicated. But once a user has a thorough understanding of git internals, the reasoning behind its (admittedly rough) interface becomes much clearer, and the path to mastery becomes clear.

Rather than present the internals of git through dry explanation, this talk explains the internals of git through live coding and live interaction with a git repo. Our goal: to write a minimal git client from scratch without the help of any "heavy" libraries like libgit2. Instead, we'll cover the contents of ./.git, how to interact with them, the "theory" behind git (e.g., what does it mean that git is an immutable, content-addressible store?), and slowly develop a tool to do basic git operations.


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