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Ask the Ecosystem: Lessons from 200+ FOSS Applications

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If you had to build a software application right now, how would you do it?

First step, Python. But then what?

This talk looks at over 200 of the most-successful open-source Python applications to distill real-world advice on building effective software to reach the masses. Architecture, testing, licensing, packaging and distribution, these projects hold lifetimes of work and wisdom, waiting to be learned!

In this presentation, we'll explore many questions, just a few of which include:

  • What userbases do Python-based applications reach?
  • Where in software is Python leading, and what domains represent its biggest gaps?
  • What library dependencies appear in the application zeitgeist?
  • What copyright licenses are used by applications, and how do these practices differ from libraries?
  • How many projects rely only on donations, as opposed to having foundation or corporation support?
  • What can Python developers do to support and get involved in Python's rich application space?

A production application is worth a hundred blog posts and a thousand Stack Overflow answers. You've already heard all the talk about best practices, now come hear about the practical practices from real Python applications.

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