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Sprints - Let’s do more of those!


Few people attend conferences just to attend the associated sprints. However, I want to tell you a story about how sprints offer a unique space for certain kinds of ideas and collaboration that are otherwise difficult or impossible to cultivate.

I will begin at the end, by describing the pandas-vet plugin for the flake8 linter. I will briefly summarize some elements underlying the flake8 plugin (pandas best practices, traversing the AST, and entrypoints) as well as elements of a good open-source project (tests, CI, pip-installable, contributor guidelines, and a code of conduct).

Next, through Slack messages and GitHub commits, I will tell the story of how the sprinting environment helped the project go from vague idea to implementing all of those elements in just one day.

Throughout the talk, I'll offer some of the lessons we should all learn about what makes sprints unique, what makes them successful, and how this project could only have been built in a sprint environment.


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