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The Cat's Alive! Add Some Weirdness To Your Code With Quantum Computing


Dear 10x programmer. Aren’t you bored of writing code that always works, and gives you the exact result you want? Don't lose hope, try a quantum computer! Regardless of how good your code is (and we’re talking about a brand new programming language), you will never get it fully under control, and that's the beauty. Let us show you how mount this untamable quantum beast.

Starting with the basics of a quantum computer (which unfortunately doesn't consist of a bunch of Schrodinger's cats doing computations, either alive or dead), we will explain why people think there might be problems where this new evolution of computation will reign supreme in the future, and how we can use it to find good approximate solutions to complex problems in the meantime. We will talk about the new wave of development in quantum hardware and software, but the cherry on the cake will be running a computation on actual quantum hardware - live.

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