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Pandas for Fun and Profit


During this talk, I tell the story of how, as a new Python developer, I quickly learned enough Pandas to be able test some hypotheses about financial markets. I will demonstrate how I formulated the hypothesis, developed a test plan, gathered data, and tested the hypothesis. Along the way, attendees will see common Pandas techniques for cleaning, converting and reshaping the data, generating new derived data, finding patterns / correlations, and visualizing data. After attending this talk, you may choose to use Pandas to test your own hypotheses for fun (and maybe profit).

The audience for this talk is any level Python developer with little to no experience with Pandas. Through this talk, attendees will learn what Pandas can do, and how it simplifies data analysis. Attendees will also learn how to apply a number of basic Pandas techniques for cleaning data, slicing data, setting and using indices, calculating new columns, merging data sets, generating statistics, and visualizing results.


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