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Becoming a Better Curator of Your Code


Writing code that functions correctly is only part of the development process. The majority of our time is spent reading, maintaining and refactoring our code.

In this talk we will discuss how when we see our work as code curation we actually enable our job to be much easier and productive.

We will start the talk with an introduction to the role of a curator and how it applies to software engineers.

In this talk we will discuss some principals and techniques that enable us to produce better code but applying them with the curation mindset of maintaining code quality beyond producing the next bug free feature.

Some of the topics we will cover:

  • Promote the use of conventions and style guides for your team
  • Code readability matters
  • The first goal of writing tests should be to document the code functionality
  • Encourage discussion on feature implementation
  • Encourage discussion during code reviews
  • Boy Scout rule - leave the code in a better shape than which you found it
  • Embrace new and mature technologies, and try to incorporate them into your code when applicable

At the end of the talk we will review the software curation mindset and how you can bring it to your organization.


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